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RARRA – Resource Alerts – Resilience, Reframing, Actions

RARRA – Resource Alerts – Resilience, Reframing, Actions

What is RARRA? – Resource Alerts – Resilience, Reframing, Actions

Launched in April of 2020, the NCTA staff, in direct response to and in concern of the impacts (health, fiscal, creative and more) the COVID-19 pandemic was having on the Folk and Traditional Arts landscape, decided to use its social media platforms to offer daily posts and resharing of information to highlight the various business sustainability, arts grants, emergency responses and more being made available to the creative sector at large. Since its launch, the RARRA campaign has grown to include monthly newsletters (a digest and post highlights of the RARRA postings),  expanded it’s scope of posting content to include not just emergency funding, but also a variety of opportunities and outlets that are conducive to resilience for the arts sector and reframing systemic issues pertaining to access, equity and representation.

RARRA is a proud stepping stone for NCTA’s ongoing and expanding efforts focused on serving and connecting with the diverse folk arts practitioners, culture bearers and festival leaders in the country.
Posts are listed Monday-Friday on NCTA’s Twitter and Facebook pages.      

Explore the RARRA Newsletter Archive

Download our monthly newsletter to learn more about specific RARRA highlights as well as a direct look at keen resource lists and innovative initiatives developed within and for the Folk Arts Communities.

RARRA Impact

Since early spring of 2020, the NCTA has been working with Sustainable Visions to map the data of all RARRA content, to understand not just the impact that RARRA as a resource can have, but also the opportunities that the resources created and made available to artists, organizations and communities in this country’s arts and cultural landscape have. We’re early in our analysis, and new information is available everyday—especially as we continue to post RARRA updates on our platforms—but here are some amazing insights, so far, of RARRA’s 16 months of postings: RARRA Post Support Analysis Reports

Get Involved 

We recognize there are countless grant opportunities, networking outlets, online learning events and more that are of interest and relevant to the Arts community. If you know of an event, a listing or information that would make a great RARRA listing, please fill out this form providing the links and relevant information.

Interested in learning more about RARRA? contact us: support@ncta-usa.org 

The Living Traditions Network

The Living Traditions Network is a collaborative effort of traditional artists, organizations, and communities that sustain living traditions. Explore the Living Traditions Network for additional information and partners sharing resources for the folk and traditional arts community – Living Traditions Network