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Dudley Connell, Audio Archivist
dudley@ncta-usa.org, ext. 18

James Lightner, Accounting & Finance
james@ncta-usa.org, ext. 10

Amy Mills, Production Manager
amy@ncta-usa.org, ext. 12

Julia Olin, Executive Director
julia@ncta-usa.org, ext. 11

Madeleine Remez, Associate Director
madeleine@ncta-usa.org, ext. 14

Blaine Waide, Programming Manager
blaine@ncta-usa.org, ext. 15

Colleen Holroyd, Programming Coordinator
colleen@ncta-usa.org ext. 16

Ben Tungland, Production Coordinator
ben@ncta-usa.org, ext. 17

Wendy Wang, Logistics Associate
wendy@ncta-usa.org, ext. 13

Maia Daniel, Production Assistant
maia@ncta-usa.org, ext. 24

The work of the NCTA staff is complemented and amplified by the contributions of a corps of outstanding operations, production, audio and technical personnel, many of whom volunteer their time in the presentation of NCTA festivals and other public programs. We wish to acknowledge their dedication to the mission of the NCTA, their tireless work behind the scenes, and their invaluable contributions in bringing traditional arts programs to the American public. The NCTA and its partner communities owe a considerable degree of their success to these efforts.