Join NCTA in Celebrating 90 Years!

Throughout 2023 the National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA) is commemorating its 90th anniversary—and we are thrilled to announce 90 Years, a campaign that celebrates the NCTA and its contributions to the nation for the past nine decades. We ask that you join us in marking this achievement, and supporting our work in future decades, through this special 90 Years giving campaign!

For 90 Years, the NCTA has focused on the commitment to the presentation of those arts that collectively define us as a people and that represent continuity from the past to the present and into the future. Bringing diverse traditional artists of the highest caliber to the people of our nation and the world creates powerful, authentic cultural experiences that are transformative, fostering cultural understanding and strengthening civil society. We believe that our community collaborations are exercises in cultural democracy, and demonstrate the NCTA’s 90 Year commitment to working at the grassroots level in its many endeavors.

Throughout the year we will share updates and reflections on the NCTA’s first 90 years. We invite you to make a one time donation of $90 or larger in honor of this anniversary.

Enjoy our 90 Years YouTube Playlist, with voices from Sarah Gertrude Knott to current chairman George Holt.

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